We do not want to open this Pandora’s Box

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government at all levels wants to and has started the process of “contact tracing.”

I urge everyone to go to this link and please read it carefully and completely.

We are about to lose many of our liberties and ONCE it starts, it will be nearly impossible to stop it.

The danger of the government making lists of its citizens and non-citizens is that once they have our information, they can use it any way they wish.

Once you get on a list, it will be nearly impossible to get removed if you were somehow incorrectly put on that list. Furthermore, they could invent lists, like those who have been convicted of a crime, say shoplifting, not being able to enter a store, or convicted (even wrongfully) of some type of sex crime and prohibited from being around children (even your own family).

Here is an excerpt:

To be clear, those who have completed “contact tracer training” confirm that you will be compelled to self-isolate; one way or another. If you have children and can’t prove that you’re properly “distancing” yourself (even though children are virtually immune to COVID-19), social services will intervene to “care” for your children while you isolate.


Heaven forbid, they could start grouping us according to our religious beliefs and decide which religions could not gather together, have services, etc. Or the party in power could decide to ostracize those who don’t think the same way they do, believe in the same causes, etc.

Farfetched, it seems so, but did you ever think we would have government agencies deliberately lying to entrap citizens to change the results of a legitimate election?


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