If God Really Exists Why Doesn’t He Speak To Us? Part 2

How may times have we heard this objection to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? “If God really exists, then why doesn’t He speak to us?”

Or another version of this is “I will believe in Heaven if someone who has died and gone there comes back and tells us what it is like.”

In my last post, I dealt with some of the objections.

Jesus not only spoke clearly while He was alive, He made some astonishing claims including that He was the Resurrection and the Life.

Jesus healed the sick, make the blind to see, enabled the crippled to walk and He even raised the dead, but no story was more powerful than that told in John 11 when Jesus raised His friend Lazarus who had been dead for over four days.

I would like to believe that most people reading this have read it in your Bible but Dr. R.C. Sproul has a teaching that is so powerful about this hope of our resurrection and future life that I urge you to PLEASE take 25 minutes out of your busy life and get some peace and comfort about what awaits you as a believer and follower of Jesus!

If you don’t have this faith, this peace, this comfort, then perhaps the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart to receive it. It is yours for the asking! I know, it happened to me 15 years ago in October 2002 when God got my attention BIG TIME!

Merry Christmas!


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